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ABOUT CCFB Interview 21/6/2013


What would characterize you as a person?

I support my words with the way I live my life and my actions.

Why did you create your own system?

My experience and my course in martial arts has been considerable; I wanted to gather the essence of my knowledge all these years and share it with friends and colleagues.

Why do you prefer outdoors training?

Outdoors training can filter out a lazy student. Very few can stand this type of training. It's my state of being.

I don't see you in magazines or other types of media.

It is my choise as I belong to the movement of "No Fuckin Sponsors". They don't like me and I don't like them. I can advertize myself through my channel in YouTube and the socials.

Are you famous?

My mother knows about me and this is enough for me.

What do you envy?


What still keeps you in Greek reality?

My stubborn head and my creativity.

What makes you hope?

My students.

Have you expelled students from your system?

I would dare say many, and not because I had a bad behaviour, but because they had a big mouth. There will be a time I'll try you and then you'll understand who the fuck you are!

Have you behaved well to your students?

I have renounced myself for them.

Have you behaved badly to your students?

Many times, but they must understand that this is part of the training. I still behave badly in order to harden them. Life outside is not fair.

What are you afraid of?

Of not managing to shake them.

To shake who?

Gods and Demons!

Why have you managed alone?

It's my choise; I don't like partnerships with dirty and jealous people. If I find honest ones I collaborate without a problem. Occasionally, I've found such people.

Have you accepted dragging your name through the mud?

I'm made of mud.

What are your Influences?

What I've done so far is either Chinese or Filippino kinisiology.

Have they accused you of copying someone?

Who gives a fuck! If I have seen further than the others, it is because I have stood at the backs of Giants.

How would you characterize your system?

Elite, fast, effective, powerful & offensive.

Why is it offensive?

Look around you and tell me, how would you survive?

What is the theory of your system?

If they attack you, slash them!

Do you create the videos in CCFB?

Yes... filming, editing and photo goes through me. As said "no fuckin sponsors" (NFS).

I notice that you know a lot of things.

I believe that a teacher should know and inspire his students in various fields. CCFB is something more than a kick and a punch.

Would you teach a kid how to use a knife?

Why not? In Phillipines they start learning & practicing at a young age, with different approach and analysis, though. You must not be afraid of the weapons. Be afraid of the Human's brain.

What do you usually reply to someone who wants to deal with CCFB?

I call them names! If he swallows it and doesh't spit me he will be with me, otherwise he can join the rest of the lamas.

Has your system been tested?

It is tested everyday as it is empirical and based on my life and my abilities!

What is your relationship with Krav Maga or Wing Chun?

None whatsoever! Both are styles I know of from one or two seminars.

Why would someone prefer your system?

I dont' care. Let him do whatever he wants.

Do you have enemies?

"Your enemy is the one who benefits from your opponent." (B. D. Foxmoor). The enemies are only worthy people, in this sense, I have no enemies.

What is your opinion about martial arts in Greece?

They're amazing like a shooting star!

Will you keep doing seminars?

Yes, seminars are the hard core of my system.

With which words would you like to finish?

"I will harm them, it's my last desire" song lyrics from La Bruja Muerta project. CCFB creates and respects ideas. It's got its own way and maybe for some people it is "everything" or just a reference point or even a simple tattoo.

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