AGISILAOS CHAITAS - Full Instructor level 7


I was born in Athens in 1971. For as long as I can remember myself I liked gymnastics and around the age of seventeen I started going to a gym in Kipseli where I started weight training.

When I was about 27 years old and while I was working out at the gym, a kick-boxing teacher came by, Paris Vasilikos was his name. I started training with him so I became acquainted with another kind of sport besides weight training.


After a few years when I was 33 years old I changed gym. There was a kick-boxing class with Michael Zervos as a teacher so I systematically started to train with him for the next 10 years.

So I got into substantial contact with a fighting sport for the first time and I found that I really liked it, so I was consistent in my workouts, listened to my teacher's instructions and showed constant improvement according to my teacher, who eventually decided to let me be his assistant to newly-arrived trainees.

In 2009 my teacher decided to stop and hire martial arts teacher Angelo Fasoi who had a Kung Fu & Filipino Martial Arts background as his replacement.


That was when I began my engagement with CCFB which continues today as an instructor in his system, teaching Tactical Knife Defence & Offence, panantukan empty hand boxing and Stick Baton.


To become an instructor required dedication, love and constant, tireless and hard training, physical and mental, because CCFB is not just another martial art, but it is a system that was born in the street and this is what we teach: how you will survive on the street.

Literally speaking, training sessions from 2011 onwards were held outdoors in all weather conditions (cold, heat, rain) and frequently the training was held at nighttime.

CCFB is above all, psychology, which is the largest and most important part of education.

Think as a predator and not as a prey!

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”

Agisilaos Chaitas

Agisilaos Chaitas

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