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DARK DESIGNS - The custom art of Angelos Fasois

I was born in Athens in 1969. I studied dental technician at the Sivitanidios school, a profession I didn't practice. From a toddler I had an appeal to the sketch, as a self-taught, I created too many sketches and drawings influenced by the comics of that time (Marvel and DC), as well as great artists such as John Romita Sr, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Alex Ross, Rafael kayanan etc.

At some point and quite later I found myself studying computer science. The new field was excited. I was involved in programming with four scholarships and awards. 

I finished my first computer studies as a "computer application specialist"  and then I followed the specialty of "network technician" under Cisco (CCNA) and later on I was involved in network security in different OS such as linux, Mac and windows. But for something else I was fond of, because I wanted tangible results in what I'm doing and creating, so I worked (as a selftaught) with the construction and the design of simple but highly functional web pages.

At last I began to make my artistic anxieties in digital canvas with colors and designs. At the same time, I worked for Zeiss in the field of microscopy and digital analysis, where I studied my own, all about digital resolution, photography and video. While I also learned in depth the suite of Adobe programs.

I created a  "micrometer scale measurement program" for microscope lenses, and I created the "FISH imaging" patent for chromosomes through Photoshop. I have been involved in the proper representation of chromosomes, cells etc. through camera and their digital resolution. Proper coloring played a major role in the diagnosis that the doctor would take. So I went deep and had to read and experiment to cope with the circumstances. This is what I call swim in the deep!

In 2009, I had a "deep diving" in the world of photography, as a self taught with books and various multimedia as my teachers. My first unofficial  "dark design" was based on an existing Iron Man wallpaper. I got the work and turned it into death. The Death of Iron Man!

In 2013  I created the first official DARK DESIGN. Since then, many projects have been created which are based solely on my own photography skillset.


So it started alongside the martial arts and the DD project, combining my passions. Still learning!

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