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TGL Training group leader - Representative for France.



I was born in Angoulême, France, on October 12, 1979. I began to train in Martial Arts at the age of 19 and I began with Vietnam martial art, where I reached black belt 2nd degrees in 2019 ( only to get the authorization to teach martial arts in France).

I have been studying small circle Jujitsu with Leon Jay since 2005 and Castoldi's system since 2010. I haven been practising American Kenpo Karate (Paul Mills School) since 2009.

Frederic Piveteau

I'm brown level 2nd degree. I never took a black belt exam in small circle Jujitsu and American Kenpo because I refuse to pay for a belt and it's not necessary.


I travelled to Vietnam and studied Taichi, Qi Gong , Chinese traditional medicine, and Thai boxing. Later on I practised other systems, such as FCS Kali 2014, LOCKUP (2016).

Training in Athens Greece
Frederick in Technique

We discovered CCFB in 2015 (thanks to FCS practitioners with internet video). Most people who practise Kali Arnis Escrima said CCFB corresponds to my personality, and I agree with it. It's more realistic martial art, efficient. Knife it's not a joke or a game.


I work in security (protection V.I.P, fine jewelry, security agent in events, driver). I know the reality and violence of the street, injury, humiliation after an aggression, riots, and I was often K.O in street fights. That's why I don't believe in business in martial arts. In our method "TDC", we don't believe in degrees belt, federation and rules in competition.


I'm the founder of Trapping Drill Concept which combined principles of Kenpo Karate, Silat, Panatukan, Aikido, small circle Jujitsu, Kajukenpo and boxing.

We are training to preserve one's life, to sacrifice what can be sacrificed, and to flee.

Training together
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