KOSTAS GEORGIADIS - TGL Training group leader - representative of  Thessaloniki

I was born in January 12, 1977 in Thessaloniki. I started my career in fighting sports with classic boxing, in which I trained for 9 years, and later extended my interest in martial arts, exploring various systems and techniques. I trained in Muay Thai for 2,5 years and in Wing Chun for 3,5 years. I then continued with 3 years of Eskrima, 1,5 years of Brazilian Jiu Zitsu and a year of training in KAPAP KRAV MAGA.

I am a DRCS (Defensive Tactics & Close Combat System) certified level C instructor. My holistic approach to combat systems led me to acquire advanced knowledge in weapons, namely Pistol level 1 certificate, and Shotgun level 1 certificate.


I have been interested in master Angelos Fasois’ system for many years, until I finally had the opportunity to host his first Thessaloniki seminar in 2020, during which I was officially appointed a CCFB representative. As a professional martial arts instructor, I believe that we must never cease to learn, and that martial arts is a life-long process.

Contact Details

+30 6948571891

Headquarters: Korytsas and Antoniou Tranou, Sykies, Thessaloniki

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