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TGL Training group leader - Level 4.



I was born in 1977.My first encounter with CCFB was through the section of CCFB Instinctive and Combat Archery.  In December  2014 I participated in a 3 day seminar, organized by Angelos Fasois.

Following that seminar I began to take classes in archery and after six months of training and guidance I managed to participate in my first International TFG (Total Field Game) as a traditional archer.

Lefteris Tsakalkis

After three months since I met Angelos Fasois I tried my first lesson in CCFB. That lesson was the spark that made me start training in the system. Since I can remember myself as kid to the present day I have always had a big ''love'' for weapons and especially weapons for close distance combat such as knives, swords, tomahawks and batons. So CCFB was the martial art I was looking for.


The most essential thing for me is that CCFB trains you there where it can save you. In the streets. During rain, cold or heat. In an elevator. Among several enemies and within a crowd in which you don't know who's friend or enemy.CCFB was born under these conditions and it develops itself considering them.

Lefteris Tsakalakis
Archer LefterisTsakalakis

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