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What does R1 mean?

It is the abbreviation of the "arena". R plus ena, ena in Greek means one (1). 


How can anyone participate in the arena?

No he can't. He or she must be a CCFB member and active with the training that takes place in various places of Athens.


Are there any rules?

In general, we do not have rules, as everyone can do his own fight as he wants.  We use our vital targets for attacks such as "death" is considered to be a clean cut / stub in the carotid artery or a "clean hit" in the heart. During the fight I can add "death" to both hands or feet in order to improve the technique and the way of alertness of both opponents. This is perhaps the only rule that moves dynamically during the fight and always for the benefit of the trainee.

How long does a fight take?

Usually 3 "deaths" (in each match) and the winner is the one that prevails over the opponent. Also, one can get involved with all the contestants, something that I call a "marathon" because you need tremendous reserves of soul, mindset and of physical fitness.

Do you have unarmed arena?

So far, the arena has 3 types of fight. Duel knife vs knife, stick vs stick and unarmed vs knife. I'm still thinking how to develop new things for learning and developing the trainees.

What weapons are you using?

Training NOK knives and padded sticks. 

Do you use any protective equipment?

We use only safety googles for obvious reasons. We do not use helmets or gloves because they give a wrong approach to how to use your weapon or how to defend yourself properly.


Is there a prize or a medal?

Normally I give one medal for the fighter who prevails the arena. Without loosing our focus which is the experience and the knowledge.


Are Injuries exist?

Yes, there are. All the fighters in the arena are ready for this.


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