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This page explains the ranking system (levels or belts) within CCFB. The CCFB grading system is unique in the way grades are not displayed. Unlike many other martial arts, it does not use a belt or a sash; instead it uses levels. The grading philosophy is simple: I give you the rank and I expect from you to rise to that level and sustain it.  Students are judged and graded on an individual basis, as the path is an individual strive for perfection. No two students' training/proficiency are alike. As students progress in grade, they are judged more on attitude, courtesy and demeanor; 


Decisions with regard to grade are ultimately made by me as head instructor and founder of CCFB system.

There are 7 levels that need to be mastered to be equal as a "Full black belt Instructor" in CCFB. ​


  • 1 Level - Character.

  • 2 Level - Effort and try.

  • 3 Level - Memory. 

  • 4 Level - Mindset.

  • 5 Level - Technique.

  • 6 Level - Bravery and all the above.

  • 7 Level - EGO control. Full Instructor.

  • 8 Level - All the above plus the ability to develop, correct and expand the system.

  • 9 Level - All the above plus the ability to develop, correct and expand the system.


Ranking color order

The first level of "character" is white. You must accept that you're like a "blank" page in the hands of the teacher. Also white in China represents death and CCFB respectively represents the death of your "ego" as you enter to a group of people. White is hard to keep clean and for this reason, first level is the test level for both, the student and the teacher!

The second level is the effort, once you understand what is going on then you try. Represented by the color of deep yellow, the color of desire. When you want something then you are trying for it.

The third level, of memory. The color green, the color of love, because on the basis of the chakras it represents the heart. What is engraved in your memory with love, it is not forgotten.

The fourth level is the psychological, the purple, the color of the pituitary gland, which controls all the functions and psychosynthesis - psychology. A level of difficulty all the brutes if the bearings come to peace through the neutrality of the gray.

The fifth level of the technique is represented by the gray color without any feeling of neutrality. Works well with previous colors and situations. Also, gray has the ability to hide the passage of time as it retains its color even under intense conditions.

Sixth level, the courage with the red color of fire and war. In the sixth, everything is true. Red for the firing, red for the blood, red for the mindset, red for the fighter born through the six levels of the CCFB!


And follow three more surprising Full Instructor black levels! Only for those who will reach the 6th.

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