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These are the original CCFB designs created by Angelos Fasois for the system needs.


CCFB Wushu Design by Angelos Fasois
CCFB trademarks All rights reserved. All Designed by Angelos Fasois

Birth of CCFB logo

I created this symbol (on the right) at the house of my lifetime partner and friend, Mark Cook, around 1998, during my years in the UK. At that time, I needed a symbol to represent myself and the potential of the system. It took me approximately six hours to design it on a piece of A4 paper, and the result was this amazing symbol.

Later on, I added the circle and the triangle to the original design. The circle, an ancient symbol, embodies unity, wholeness, and infinity. It represents the concept of the 'whole' and the continuous loop of knowledge, development, research, and evolution. This idea forms the core of the system.

The triangle is one of the strongest geometrical structures and stands for strength. Many training halls incorporate the triangle into their logo. It represents numerous underlying philosophical, theoretical and metaphysical principles in the Filipino martial arts. Applications of the triangle are found in defensive and offensive tactical strategies, including footwork, stances, blocking and disarms. It also symbolizes the "triangle clan" of the Shaolin temple, hence the blend of Chinese and Filipino styles.

CCFB Eagle & Dragon Logo

The Eagle represents the style of Eagle Claw Kung Fu I have been  practicing for several years. The Dragon is a generic style that represents Kung Fu itself. These two animals have something in common: Powerful CLAWS! This is why pressure points is a very important aspect of my teachings. Both animals are predators, like the nature and philosophy of my system.

Two Tigers Official CCFB Logo.png

The symbolism of the "tigers with karambits"

is twofold, representing both the left and the right side that must be harmonized and equally practiced. The tiger embodies the necessary 'state of mind' we should possess in a fight, while the karambit serves as my favorite lethal weapon.

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