KALLIOPI VASILEIOU - Full Instructor Level 6


I was born in Athens in 1977, originally from Ierapetra, Crete. From a young age in the field of arts, I started gymnastics with instrumental gymnastics, I continued with athletics at Ethnikos (100 m - 200 m – long jump).

I liked martial arts from a young age, but I hadn't enrolled in a group, so I went home watching movies and my brother Manolis Vassiliou, who was studying at Wing Chun School by Panagiotis Brebos.

After various attacks at school and abroad, I attended classes at the P. Brembos School in 1998-1999. In 2003 I met Giorgos Vafeidis, a Wing Chun instructor in the area of ​​Ampelokipi, so I actively started Kung Fu until 2006 when the school closed. So I continued my training in the school of Sifu Christos Xiros in Kipseli with the perspective of the teacher, intensive training and training from time to time by Sifu Christos Vafiadis until 2008 where Sifu Angelos Fasois came to the school with his apprentice to show techniques with a knife.


From there, a new thirst for new knowledge to learn the art of weapons, a knife and a stick, begins through the art of CCFB. I still practice his art today Combined Chinese Filipino Boxing going through various stages of training. Since 2015, I also continue the art of Wing chun at the school of Sifu Fotis Karos in Piraeus.

The two arts that have defined me. The requirements are high when you have such teachers. Patience, eye change, thought development, all-weather and human trials are key features of CCFB art. You have to be aware to start, without a second thought to enter the battle from the beginning with appetite and consistency and soon the results inside and outside you will be visible. You are not given anything, from the beginning until you become an instructor you go through the odyssey trips in this system. And when you get out of the trials and reach Ithaca, you conclude that the trip was worth it.


Patience, perseverance and determination are the only way… The way of CCFB…

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77 Ragavi street Gkizi Athens near Areios Pagos Supreme court

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