CCFB has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each type of individual. CCFB for women is characterized by its effectiveness even from a position of physical disadvantage, providing the needed self-protection against violent sexual and criminal attacks.

When training women, we take into account a woman’s ability to improve and excel despite her own misconceptions of her ability to fight and face physical challenges that require strength or aggressiveness.


CCFB’s training methods for women are based on years of experience, as well as numerous real-life situations in which women found our system to be the most effective. CCFB’s system for women provides excellent self-defense skills, producing the highest rate of defense successes in facing various types of attacks. 

In addition to the technical and tactical training required to gain skills, women must develop the appropriate mindset to support their physical readiness to fight. As such, our women’s training necessarily includes developing the determination, persistence and ability to turn on aggression when needed.

For women in particular, CCFB is particularly effective because the techniques and skills are designed to address the realities of violence when power, size and strength are factors. Women training with us can learn:

  • Power generation.

  • Body mechanics.

  • Types of strikes that are effective for women.

  • Avoidance and de-escalation skills.

  • Effective techniques for dealing with common attacks.

  • Defensive tactics.

  • Offensive tactics.

  • Warrior's Mindset.