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If I have seen further than the others, it is because I have stood at the backs of Giants.

~ Isaak Newton ~

I feel the need to say a few words about my "giant" teachers and pay my respects. I have had lots of teachers in my martial arts life, but these are the people who changed the way I train, fight, teach and think. 

Sigung Leong Lee Fu

He is the founder of Bak Shaolin Ying Jow Wushu Pai International. One of the very first traditional Chinese masters to teach Chinese martial arts to westerners, he has been working non-stop for more than 50 years, plus helping disseminate and promote the encyclopaedic knowledge that he has acquired.

He is solely responsible for creating the setting and developing instructors for each and every worldwide branch of the Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Institute.

It was my privilige to have been personally trained by him.

GrandMaster Leong Lee Fu

Bak Shaolin Ying Jow Pai

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo

FCS Filipino Combat Systems

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo

One of the most sought after Martial Arts instructors at an international level. He is the founder and president of FCS Kali Filipino Combat Systems, a world-renowned Martial Arts system.He is the founder and president of FCS kali Filipino Combat Systems out of Florida a world-renowned Martial Arts system.

During this time, Ray's travels and experiences in Martial Arts combat had him see and be a part of situations that few can comprehend, including the instruction of Special Operations and Tactical Forces all around world.
Tuhon Ray is a true Grand Master of his art and proves that anyone can overcome fear and rejection to achieve the heights of confidence and success.

Guro Alexandros Petrou

Escrima - Kali - JKD - Wing Chun

Guro Alexandros Petrou

He is a unique and traditional teacher with many years of experience in teaching Kali and JKD. He is the first person to bring Kali in Greece.

During workouts he will always and repeatedly point out your mistakes to you. He will fight you so you'll be able to understand how the technique works.

I am inspired by him and trying to be as good as he is.
He helped me improve the way I hold the stick, defend and fight with the stick. He is a true fighter!

Site not avalaible

Master Wim Maulany

Master Wim Maulany

Ying Jow Pai - Wushu - TaiJi - QiGong

He has been teaching Tai-chi chuan, Qigong, and Wushu for more than 35 years. Furthermore, he exercises his own practice in various types of therapies, like Shiatsu and chair massage. 

He has a degree in Shiatsu massage therapy which he received at the Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to this, he has also extensive experience in the soft form of Dorntherapy.

Because of his life-time practice of Kungfu, Wushu and Tai-Chi, he has achieved a high-skilled level in these disciplines. He is also the Guiness Record holder for performing 405 sidekicks  in 2.32 minutes!

Tuhon Tom Kier

He has trained for over 20 years in Sayoc Kali, and holds the rank of Tuhon under Pamana Tuhon Christopher Sayoc.


He has a senior instructor ranking in Kun Lun Pai Silat under Grandmaster Willem de Thouars. He studied boxing under former IBF middleweight champion Robert "Bam-Bam" Hines.

Tuhon Kier is the co-founder of American Combat Grappling, which evolved from a 28-year grappling background that included over 1000 Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and Ju-Jitsu matches and included the analysis of 10 years of bouncing in the most dangerous bars he could find as well as numerous no-holds-barred matches.

Sayoc kali - Wrestling

Tuhon Thomas Kier

Master Julian Wilde

Master Julian Wilde

Chen TaiJi - QiGong - Kung Fu

This man, knows how to deal with simpler things in life. As my friend and teacher, he helped me a lot in my early attemps to establish and run a Martial Arts School in England.

He began his Tai Chi and Qigong studies in the 1980's, beginning with the Yang style and the 24 Step Taiji and the Taiji Qigong exercises.


After meeting Master Michael Tse (Tse Wei Jing) in 1989 he began to learn the Chen style of Tai Chi as well as the Dayan (wild goose) system of Qigong and Chun Yuen, an offshoot of Northern Shaolin kung fu.

Master Shi Miao Dien

Master Shi Miao Dian

Shaolin Kung Fu

From an early age, he faced adversity, spending his early years in the National Institution for infants of Kallithea and later the George Hatzicostas Institution. At age eight, he moved to Germany with his father and began studying Shaolin Kung Fu under Master Liang Che until age 14.


He then continued his martial arts journey at the Shaolin monastery under Master Shi Heng Jun, earning the name Shi Miao Dian of the 36th Shaolin generation in 2005. In 2006, he established the "Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples Union in Greece" in Ilion, Athens.

Tuhon Felix Cortes

GM Felix Cortes

Filipino Combatives - Sayoc

He started training in the Filipino  Martial Arts at the Sayoc International Schools for Kali in Jamaica Queens, New York on April 1977.  He began his training under the guidance of Pamana Tuhon Christopher C. Sayoc Sr, and on July 7, 1991 he was promoted to the rank of Tuhon. 


Tuhon Cortes founded Filipino Combatives in 2009, and the FC Curriculum is based on his training and experiences with Pamana Tuhon Christopher C. Sayoc Sr.

He is also a successful stunt performer for movies in Hollywood.

He is a tough man, fighter and teacher.

Eric Clark

 A tough guy from Scotland. Friend and teacher, he tought me everything I needed to know about street fighting. He tought me almost all the "secrets of bouncing", what to do and what not to do. 

I worked for him and there were many times that we trained together mostly in knives and dirty boxing. 

He is fast, vicious, knows every stroke and he'll fight you with everything he has. Gods and Ghosts fear him! It has been said that the fighter's thoughts and actions must be like one flash of lighting. This is Eric!

Boxing - Streetfight - Knuckle fighting

Mr Eric Clark

Site not avalaible

Master Pete Dobson

Master Pete Dobson

Boxing -  Yang TaiJi

Site not avalaible

He is the man who helped me build a solid foundation in Yang style Taiji (Tai Chi). He taught me push-hands and the Zhan Zhuang energy exercises as well as a kind of soft Qigong.

The Tai Chi that he teaches is a very strong and emotional Yang style. Pete also coaches boxing, sculpts, gives meditation sessions in prisons and teaches Taiji at drug rehabilitation centres.

Sifu Pete has been teaching Tai Chi since 1980. He is a student of Wee Kee Jin, and certified instructor for the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium. Quite a guy!

Coach Nikos Eleftheriou


Coach Nikos Eleftheriou

He is the only athlete in Greece who has competed in the Greek national team of Archery in both divisions, the Olympic Bow (recurve) and the compound. He is also holder of national record in both categories.

Since 1986 he has taken part in many national and international tournaments winning placings and trophies. He won the title of national Hellenic Champion in Olympic bow seven times and also created many champions as an Archery coach.

Master Kostas kostopoulos

Master Kostas Kostopoulos

Shaolin Kung Fu

Site not avalaible

He was my first teacher in Shaolin Kung Fu when I was at the age of 16. I still remember the hand drills and the speed we was working with. 

He trained in Singapore under Master Cheung Meng Joo. 

His hand fighting looks like the panantukan I have become familiar with, during the last years. He was very calm with himself and his enviroment. I lost track of him a long time ago but I still respect him and recall him as one of my first teachers in Shaolin Gung Fu.

My respects to the people who inspire me and I train with.

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