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Full Instructor. Representative for UK - Grandmaster 7th Level Three Family Fist Kung Fu.



I am Mark Cook , born March 1961. My first introduction to Martial arts was at school. We had a school bully whom I knew and one day we were in the toilets at school and this 6’ 4”  what we thought was a Chinese boy (later found out was Korean) came in, the bully started to insult the boy and within a flash a turn back was delivered to the bully and sent him into the toilets. We were flabbergasted!


Then Soy kung Kim did a demonstration of TAEKWONDO, he was a 3rd dan, so I loved what I saw and joined straight away. Within a few weeks the class got smaller and smaller, until there was only 6 of us, we moved to Duke street to be trained with the English group.

Mark Cook with Spear

This is where I met my life long friend Richard Cox, now 8th Dan Taekwondo, head of the Jidokwan in the UK. It was around the time I was mid-way through taekwondo when the Bruce Lee movies came out and I was so impressed with Bruce I wanted to do kung fu.  So I found Golden Dog kung fu and trained with them alongside my Taekwondo. Jump a few years and I had my black belt in both.

Together with Mark

I then opened one of the first Martial arts shops in the UK, "Mark’s Martial Arts".  This is where I met Kung fu instructor in Three Family Fist, Stephen Lofthouse. I immediately fell in love with the way that it was taught; violent moves, all well explained and practical. I gained my black sash fairly quickly because of my experience. I was so successful, I moved to a full time gym in Anglia Square..


In 1994 I met Angelos Fasois by chance in a kwoon in Norwich. We exchanged forms and techniques, and Angelos lived with me on and off over many years of visits and seminars. To this day I believe fate had a part to play in our meeting. I continue to train in Εscrima, Κali and other arts.


I have trained with some amazing people who are masters of their arts.

  • Dan inosanto (eskrima,jkd)

  • Richard bustillo (Jed) 2 people who have touched and trained with my idol Bruce Lee.

  • Chrisna Godhania

  • Bob Breem (Escrima)

  • Bill “supertoot” Wallace 3 seminars

  • Benny the jet (kickboxing

  • Cynthia Rothrock ( wushu)


I have had the privilege of making a living from my passion for over 30 years and still train hard to this day, I don’t think I will retire, continuing to Learn new ways, and counters to what I already know, this is what keeps me young.


CCFB is the most practical form of close quarter fighting I have come across, and I love the development side to it never stopping, always finding ways of improving time after time; I am amazed at how this system keeps evolving.

Angelos & Mark
Mark Cook
Mark Cook with Dao
Mark Cook & Angelos Fasois
Mark Cook with Angelos
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