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Weapons Types There are two types of handguns, revolvers and semi-automatics. Let's analyze the two categories. Revolver firearms are named so because of the rotation their cylinder performs. Two types of revolvers are encountered:

  1. Single-action

  2. Double-action


Single-action revolvers require the shooter to manually cock the hammer after each shot in order to fire the next cartridge, while double-action revolvers mechanically cock the hammer by squeezing the trigger. Now, let's take a look at the basic parts of a revolver.



RH = Right Hand.

LH = Left Hand.

F/R = Feeder Receiver.

R = Right.

L = Left.

SIKO = Elbow.

VT = Vital Template.

WOODPICKING = Training on a Tree.

WOODPECKER or WOODY = Trainee on the Tree.

JOGS = Weapon Skills.

DIGGABLES = Sinawalli Applications.

DECAP = follow through/lab tik to the head.

LAB TIC = Follow through hit.

WITIC = Hit on Spot.

REDONDO = Circle Hit.


PUNYO = The down side of the stick.

CARENZA = Shadow Boxing.

GINUNTING or GUNTING = Scissors punches.


SIBAT =  Big Stick.

ΤΑΒΑΚ ΤΟΥΟΚ = Nunchakus or Dragon Sticks.

CONTRADA = Defence with Blocks.

ENTRADA = Entry.

ESCRIMADOR = Stick Fighter.

CHON = Attention.

GALANG = Respect.

HAWK = Tomahawk.

YING = Eagle.

ZHAO = Claw.

PAHINGA = Ανάπαυση.

HANDA = Σε άμυνα.

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