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My name is Kalliopi Vasileiou, I am originally from Ierapetra, Crete, and I was born in Athens in 1977. At a very young age I got involved with sports, starting with gymnastics and at the age of 13 I took up track and field athletics (100 and 250 m. sprint, and long jump).

I began training in martial arts after being bullied at school and in the street. In 1998-1999 I attended Wing Chun classes at the school of Panagiotis Brebos. Due to my performing arts studies I had to keep away from training until 2001, when I met sifu George Vafeiadis and started training at his school in Ampelokipoi until the school closed in 2006.

Apprentice Instructor Level 6.

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I continued training at the school of Christos Xiros, then under the auspice of Christos Vafeiadis, until 2008, where one day I met sifu Angelos Fasois, who had come with his assistant instructor to teach knife techniques.


From that day onward I set off to a journey of learning the martial art of CCFB weaponry. I practised both systems until 2010. I had to stop for a year due to my professional obligations, but in 2011 I found myself again at Zappeio, where sifu Fasois accepted me again as his pupil.

I took up Wing Chun again in 2015 under sifu Fotis Karos at his school in Pireaus. These two martial arts defined me and opened new perspectives that allowed me to continue learning and train through different stages of development.In 2021 I began training in Shaolin Kung Fu under sifu Shi Miao Dien.

Under the tutelage of such teachers, expectations are high and the path to knowledge is everlasting.

Nothing comes easy; the thirst for knowledge, persistence and perseverence are the virtues that can lead you to a path where martial arts become a way of life.

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Kalliopi Vasileiou
Kalliopi Vasileiou & Maria Anifanti
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