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LEUNG LEE FU of Bak Shaolin Ying Jow pai

Here lies Grandmaster of Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw, Si Kung Leung Lee Fu. He was loved and respected by countless people whose lives he touched over more than five decades of teaching and a lifetime of training. Students, disciples, and friends from around the world will remember him for his wise words and excellent teachings, often infused with his one-of-a-kind sense of humor and boundless enthusiasm.

Si Kung Leung Lee Fu taught for over fifty years, and as early as 1980, he began teaching Shaolin Temple arts and Eagle Claw in the United States. He established over twenty schools in seventeen countries, and his students now teach across the US.

Beginning his training at the age of four, Grandmaster Fu studied the Monkey system under his temple godmother and the Eagle system under his temple godfather. During his time in Hong Kong, he also studied Hung Gar under the late Sifu Chan Hon Chung, further expanding his knowledge of Eagle Claw by training in Lau Fat Mang's gym.


As a military man, his martial skills were tested in Vietnam and other armed conflicts.

Si Kung's legacy is evident among his many students, grand students, and great-grand students all over the world. His goal was always to educate people on the true martial and philosophical meaning of Kung Fu. He will be remembered for his boundless enthusiasm for the martial arts, his dedication to his students and friends, and his genuine love of life.

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"His teachings and his influence were the roots of my system's growth. I am

so thankful for your guidance."

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